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Oh my god my heart is still pounding. RoosterTeeth vonshaukelboys ELR. Daydream View is so damn comfortable.. Nintendoswitch is going to be tested! That and using Google daydream to watch movies. Finally played around with Google Daydream yesterday.

Daydream Imagination: Thinking Big With Danny MacAskill

Amazing for such a portable VR experience. Next test - take on a plane Google. I started playing WonderGlade on Google Daydream. It's fun. A little too fun. I keep indenting my face with goggle marks. I had a go at the Google Daydream VR in the car playing a kart game on the way home it felt so real and weird!! So Google Daydream arrived — utterly insane — kids are going to love it — the Shark video scare the crap out of me.

Oh my god one of the students brought in the Google Daydream VR dealy.

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Daydream by Danny Fervent on Spotify

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Oh my God. It changes everything.

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Minds were definitely being blown Blown away. When it came to VR films and TV, very little time was wasted The movie watching experience alone has me hooked - watching the movie on a big screen in a forest — Leighland l4stewar 13 December Long-haul flights will never be the same again Next test - take on a plane Google — Simonas Zizliauskas simasz 30 March For others it was all about the gaming Then we put it online and suddenly it blew up.

I was woken up the next day by BBC News and the papers looking for interviews.

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I had a request from a Korean circus asking if I'd like to join them, and I was asked to go on the Ellen Degeneres show — really random stuff. About a month after that video came out I sat down and took stock of these requests and signed with Red Bull, plus a few more of my long-term sponsors. Red Bull have been involved with much of Danny's post work; they've backed his ideas, allowed him creative control, and picked up medical bills when the the inevitable injuries occurred.

They've given me a lot of support and I've worked with them a lot in the past few years. That's not to take anything away from any of my other sponsors — they all support me in different ways — but with Red Bull it's possible to do stuff on the scale I do. Whether it's Dave, who filmed the Inspired Bicycles video or my friend Stu Thompson, it's always friends that I go away and work with on these videos for Red Bull.

One of the more eye-catching was the boldly colourful Imaginate , filmed with Danny's mate Stu. And that was the kind of project they were really good to believe in, because it's a pretty out-there idea. All I had to show them for this huge project were these terrible drawings that looked like a four-year-old could have done them — stick men drawings of various tricks I wanted to do.

And they were good enough to back that project and have my friends involved in making it.

The dystopian vibe created in the clip is weirdly haunting, coming across like an end-of-the-world bike ride amid sun-bleached ruins. Since then my 'job' has been to come up with these films and my mindset has definitely changed. I'm as focussed as ever on riding, but I look at the broader picture of trying to find locations that will make an incredible backdrop. Red Bull made it happen in early , so I flew out with a few friends and filmed for a couple of weeks. His latest video is The Ridge , which MacAskill calls "a project very close to my heart.

I remember as a kid looking up at them and thinking, 'Wow, I wonder what's up there. So me and my friend Stu, who filmed Imaginate , we decided that we wanted to make it, but do so a little more independently. I'd been doing bigger productions for Red Bull, but for this one we just wanted to keep expectations low. The long-term forecast looked terrible but day by day it got better and better.

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We really lucked out with the whole thing. The result mixes stunning mountain visuals with a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline. There's also time for an absurd frontflip that sends MacAskill over a barbed-wire fence. I ride my mountain bike quite a lot but I'm not necessarily world-class on it. So I thought if I can do these kinda tricks — especially that one — it'll be a bit different and get people talking. It was fun; it's cool to dream up this stuff and actually go through with it. Often if I'm doing a street video clip — say when I was filming Inspired Bicycles — if I got one trick done a day, that was a success.

But because I'm on the mountain bike, there's a lot of shots where I'm just riding down trails.