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The Geography of Afghanistan

Only by filling our critical shortfalls with the right grades and skills from the coalition can we properly develop a professional, sustainable and enduring logistics system for the ANSF These trainers and advisors are also central to our anti-corruption efforts and providing the necessary safeguards and oversight to ensure stewardship of our investment. Two thirds of the needed trainers were still physically absent in March Once U.

These deadlines have since been waived, but each waiver has left the future uncertain and formally kept train-and-assist personnel from being embedded forward in combat units and outside the corp level—at numbers too limited to even fully staff the mission at the corps level. The FY budget submission proposes only to keep the number of total U.

Plans for the Afghan Air Force never included the combat support aircraft needed to deliver the kind of strike numbers needed by far more capable allied forces, and the Afghan Air force is just making its first combat capable light attack aircraft operational.

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The number of close air support sorties the U. Munitions were only released under urgent Afghan need, although the limits on such support seem to have been relaxed in early See figure 3. The end result was that too many new Afghan units were formed and then sent into the field without meaningful train-and-assist support, which can only come when train-and-assist personnel are embedded forward and in combat units. This put an extraordinary burden on the best and most elite army and police units and deprived many other Afghans of what should have been a fighting chance.

The issue now being weighed in the White House is not adding 3, to 5, troops to provide a combat force.

Mobilising for Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan: a global mothers' campaign

It is not a matter of U. It is a matter of U. It is whether to fully end a deadlines-based strategy focused on getting out and shift to an effective train-and-assist mission and back it with adequate U. This is the approach that has worked in rebuilding Iraqi forces, where it became all too clear that train and assist from the rear produced nothing but failure, and outside airpower was critical.

Disease Prevention & Treatment

It is the strategy that has worked with Kurdish forces in Syria. It is equally clear that popular support for the Afghan government will continue to decline, threat influences will increase, and the Afghan forces will not be able to provide the kind of security that will allow economic recovery to take place and the government to become more effective at the civil level. The divided Ashraf Ghani—Abdullah Abdullah government will lose both opportunity and hearts and minds at the same time. Equally, the U.

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None of this, however, means that U. Conditionality should be applied both to Afghan military performance and political and civil performance. It should ensure that corrupt and incompetent Afghan officers and officials are removed.

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The United States should make it totally clear that it will conduct a public annual review of its commitments to Afghanistan and Afghan performance. It should make it clear that it can and will leave in the face of Afghan failure.

If necessary, the United States should make good on such a threat. The United States should never bully its allies, but it also should not be bullied—or let nations slip into the kind of overdependence that ultimately undermines rather than aids them. Finally, the United States should make it clear to Pakistan that it faces a total end to aid, and the imposition of sanctions, if it continues to support the Taliban and tolerate the Haqqani network.

Russia should be told that any end to U. Figure 3: Still Very Limited U. Anthony H.

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