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They can be filthy

Pro Tip: Compare the markdowns with original prices. To find the original price, bring the item number to a store associate and they will look it up for you. Costco applies this price tag on display items, returned but still sellable items, or end of inventory items. Find these items in less accessible areas of the store, since Costco saves the prime foot traffic areas for their regular price items. Asterisk — These give you the best deals. Find tag with asterisks in the top, right hand corner, and that end in 7. Pricing will vary by store.

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Pro Tip : Look at the date under the price. This indicates when Costco created the shelf tag or changed the price. Come across a regularly stocked item and the date indicates a recent price drop. When it comes to costly home remodeling and repairs, these codes can help you rack up big savings. Pro Tip : Focus on yellow tags, ignore white tags. Home Depot only uses yellow tags for clearance items. White tags, regardless of the ending numbers, mean full price. These items have hit their second markdown cycle.

12. Walmart offers $10 off a $50 grocery pick up order

Home Depot uses 2 markdown cycle before they close an item out. More on that later. These items have 3 weeks left before the next markdown. Depending on how much you want these items, you can risk waiting or grab them now. Pro Tip 1 : Keep an eye on items with 3 on the end and wait 3 weeks.

Associates should take them off the shelves, but many times, these items might stay on the shelves for a bit longer. Home Depot uses these tags for store returns in workable condition, but may have a missing part. Not only that, you can ask for an even lower price than the one on the tag at checkout. You will get it most of the time unless the manager acts like a big meanie. This retailer hit a few hiccups some time ago, but now have gotten back on track.

The vendor still owns the item, so J. Penney must follow their pricing guidance. The price will be lower than normal, though not as low as it could go.

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Penney fully owns these items and can price them however they want. After that, J. Penney removes them from the store. Find this number and you get 2 for that ticketed price. Penney in terms of quality and price.

Black Friday Shopping Online | 7 Things they Don't Want you To Know

Solid, dependable items at reasonable prices. NM — Look for all these codes in the top right corner of the electronic shelf tag. It means the item goes on clearance that night or the next day. Come back for a better deal. GV — Great Value. These indicate a limited time price drop for a day or two.

They discount based on quantity and color. After this point, they get closed out and removed. Keeping our loved ones fed and clothes can add up. Retailers have been able to master psychological warfare on our family budgets so that we're all trying to keep up with the Joneses while accruing ridiculous amounts of debt in order to do so. They can convince us that we don't just want their merchandise, we need it. They have become skilled at getting us to use our emotions, rather than our logic. Teaching our children how to avoid retailer traps will help them stick to their budgets, as well as take more control over their finances in the future.

Retailers hire companies to help them design their stores so that shoppers will buy. Stores are thinking strategically, and so should we. Being more aware of clever marketing will help us manage our family's finances better.

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Did you know, for example, that most shoppers look left, but then turn right when they enter a store? That's because most people are right-handed and right-oriented. Using this little tidbit of shopping information, retailers put their newest and most expensive items on the right side of their store to put them in a buying mood fast.

Sneaky, eh?

15 Secrets To Shopping at Walmart

Retailers and restaurants have experimented with colors, music, and even smells to get you to stay in their store longer. They know that the longer you stay in their store, the more things you are likely to buy. To save money, make a list of what you need in the store and then get in and out as quickly as possible.

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  6. Window shopping when you are an impulse shopper is like an alcoholic trying to read the bottle labels in a bar. Retailers usually put their clearance racks at the back of their store, hoping your arms will be loaded with full-priced items before you ever make it back there. Clearance racks are also purposely designed to make you NOT want to spend time there, prompting you to head back to the spacious, well-organized and full-priced merchandise in front.

    Sale signs make you spend more

    The store loves to offer those two-fers because they can successfully tempt you to buy more. Stores happily live with loss leaders items they actually lose money on because they know that if they dangle that carrot near a more expensive item that you purchase, they'll still make a profit on the total transaction. Only buy what you really need.

    You'll be tempted the most to impulse shop at the register where many seemingly inexpensive items call to you. Stores like to concentrate on our visceral senses so that we don't stop to think logically too much. The store knows that tantalizing scents will make you hungry and everything on the shelves will appear more appetizing.