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Evangelical in spirit, ecumenical in breadth and biblical in depth, Bloesch's theology of the church calls for reformation and renewal according to the Word and Spirit of God.

Bloesch takes up difficult and sometimes controversial themes such as the coming of the kingdom of God, the return of Jesus Christ, the life hereafter, the millennial hope, the final judgment, hell, heaven, purgatory and paradise. Wrestling with biblical texts that often take metaphorical form, Bloesch avoids rationalistic reductionism as well as timid agnosticism. While he acknowledges mystery and even paradox, Bloesch finds biblical revelation much more than sufficient to illuminate the central truths of a Christian hope articulated throughout the history of the church. The Last Things is not just a review of past Christian eschatology but a fresh articulation of the grace and glory of God yet to be consummated.

The triumph of the grace of Jesus Christ and the dawning of hope beckon us to reach out in the power of the Spirit to receive that blessed future and the promise to renew the life of the church universal today. Donald G. Bloesch Ph.


Logos 8. Courses What is Logos Mobile Ed? Shop New Products Browse All. Shop Courses Browse All Topics. Format: Digital. Resources Included. Praise for the Print Edition Christian Foundations will stand as a landmark in late twentieth-century evangelical theology.

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Bloesch demonstrates once more a clarity, forthrightness, relevance and breadth of vision which will commend his series to a wide readership. John Hesselink, Western Theological Seminary When completed, Bloesch's seven-volume magnum opus will constitute the most substantial theological contribution of any American evangelical since Carl Henry's magisterial God, Revelation and Authority. Soaked in Scripture and the history of theology, and insightfully evaluating a variety of alternative positions, Bloesch makes a strong case for a broadly evangelical understanding of the church that remains open to the ongoing dialectic of Word and Spirit.

Author: Donald G.

Basic Elements of the Christian Life, vol. 1

A Christianity Today book award winner. Christologically centered and biblically rooted, Bloesch is in continual dialogue with theologians past and present. It is an evangelical theology for the entire church of God and boldly proclaims a Christocentric approach that avoids subverting the gospel to alien systems of thought. Those who have appreciated and benefited by Bloesch's theology in the past must read this volume and the rest of the series as it sums up his mature thinking and provides a ringing call to a return to a purely theological way of doing theology.

Those who have not discovered Bloesch previously will find here a refreshing alternative to the current tendency to make theology into a tool for non-Christian ideologies and worldviews. This is a program for a purely theological theology.


Donald Bloesch's theology comes out of a believing heart, a lucid mind and a teacher's penchant for clarity and communication. Students of theology everywhere will profit greatly from this carefully nuanced guide through the labyrinth of contemporary theological approaches as well as the classical theological texts. Committed to the Anselmic tradition of credo ut intellagam I believe in order to understand , Bloesch serves the evangelical world well by insisting on the central reality and authority of Jesus Christ as revealed in Word and Spirit through faith to faith.

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This is edifying as well as instructive reading. Few books on systematic theology leave the reader at the end, hungering for more, but this is an exception. I am left eagerly awaiting the next volume. He moves with erudite ease from Pannenberg to Tillich to Tracy to Ellul to Dulles… Bloesch's project will be an admirable introduction to the Christian theological situation at the edge of the Third Millennium.

Anything but a bland proposal, it is characterized by a striking view of theological method--being an adamant defense of revelational theism over against all efforts to ground the message intellectually, independent of faith. Here is an uncompromisingly confessional theology in strongest opposition to all forms of revisionism--liberal or evangelical.

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I can only compare it to the systematic theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg also now being written alongside which it will stand as the other major alternative for evangelicals. Bloesch proves to me that the Barthian project is far from dead or lacking in scholarly vitality.

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A great achievement is in the making. Pinnock, McMaster Divinity College. Holy Scripture could well represent the high point of evangelicalism's dialogue with modern skepticism. This work will be read by all who are interested in the renewal of systematic theology in our time. It is an inspiring, balanced, instructive, rigorous inquiry.

Oden, Drew University This volume makes a valuable contribution to evangelical theology. It is well written, insightful, balanced, biblical, and worshipful, and the topic is supremely worthy of reflection. Ecclesiology is the cutting edge of serious theological work in the twenty-first century.

And this is one of the most important books on the church to appear in several decades. An all-time classic on the nature and history of Christian worship. Leer comentario completo. Got book very early and was in excellent condition! James F.

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He previously taught at the Perkins School of Theology for twenty-two years and was professor of liturgy at the University of Notre Dame until White holds an A. Account Options Sign in. Google Libros. Conseguir libro impreso. Introduction to Christian Worship. Introduction to Christian Worship, Third Edition traces the development of the major forms of Christian worship, and includes discussion of the newest service books of the principal churches of North America and the British Isles. This staple of liturgical history is used widely in Protestant seminaries and is read by clergy and laity alike as an accurate, informative, and accessible introduction to all aspects of Christian worship.