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To avoid this outcome, managers must identify organizational elements that effect perceived value, and develop guidelines and tools that will guide organization behavior so that it will manifest the desired values. In this method, four organizational elements are needed to deliver the desired values. They include: 1. Value-supporting behavior norms of the organization, indicating how the organization is going to do to deliver the values 2. Resources, people, systems, procedures and other organizational items that contribute to value delivery value deliverers 3.

Performance targets needed for the value deliverers to deliver desired values 4. An assessment system allowing for systematically monitoring the achievement of performance targets and the perceived value delivered to customers. Value deliverers include fixed resources buildings, machinery, technical devices etc. This complexity requires a diverse set of assessment systems Fig.

Faerber Supporting attributes External values 30 We are prepared to think like our customers We take outstanding efforts for our cutomers Listen to customers Find and realize new solutions Understand customers We help our customers to be more efficient We help our customers to be different Solve problems We help our customers to be on time We help our customers to innovate Quick response to inquires Competence In fashion Delivery on demand and on promises Competence In design Prototyping on demand Self responsibility We are trustworthy Continuous learning Competence In product development Honesty Competence In organizational development Target orientation Fig.

Source: Prepared from materials given in Kinne 7. For example, A. External judgment of course may eventually be extended to other stakeholders and even employees if they have knowledge of the external situation. Management also defined a set of documents that are needed to guide employees, describe processes and set procedures in order to have specific, An Exploratory Application 31 Table 4 Influence of value deliverers external value delivery and internal values.

Source: Prepared from materials given in Kinne written guidelines to drive value-delivery behaviors. The document inventory is presented below. In summary, the successful implementation of the value-balance model in this situation depends on accomplishing six factors Kinne, : — Getting and keeping employees trained and motivated — Keeping processes and procedures simple, certainly simpler than ISO processes 32 C.

Faerber — Extend customer analysis from value-balance implementation to a broader framework for strategy development and market segmentation — Design a usable framework to organize change management — Implementation will cause stress as people wrestle with a new system requiring understanding of new ideas and concepts — Make sure that the ideas, expectations and assessment processes are communicated clearly and in advance of full program implementation Table 5.

Table 5 Implementation process documentation list. Source: Prepared from materials given in Kinne Company No. The seven statements included: — — — — — — — We are prepared to think like our customer We take outstanding efforts for our customers We help our customers to be different We help our customers to be on time We help our customers to be more efficient We help our customers to innovate We are trustworthy Based on this value proposition, the management identified three action descriptors to lead the actions and development of the employee stakeholders in the company.

These descriptors were incorporated into a universal guideline statement for company employees: Employees are to act with self-responsibility to achieve company objectives with effort given toward continuous learning. Since this set of values self-responsibility, objective orientation, and continuous learning is about to be the core of A.

Only if the company behaviour as perceived by the internal and external stakeholders meets given promises, can that company succeed in building long-term relationships and trust with its employees and customers. Since people in A. Effective value selling is a corporate activity that is beyond the skills and abilities of almost any one individual Buss, This refers to using marketing techniques within the organization itself.

Many of the traditional 34 C. According to this view, every value deliverer whether employee, team, or department in the company is simultaneously a supplier and a customer of services and products. An employee obtains a service at a point in the value chain and then provides a service to another employee further along the value chain. If internal marketing is effective, every employee will both provide and receive exceptional service from and to other employees.

It also helps employees understand the significance of their roles and how their roles relate to others Buss, Manifesting appropriate internal values is a prerequisite for effective external marketing efforts. Value creation must directly benefit the customer. Increasingly, companies are coming to realize that their survival, first and foremost, depends on their capacity to create direct and tangible customer value in every part of their enterprise Rackham, Values are related to the norms of a culture, but they are more general and abstract than norms.

Norms are rules for behaviour in specific situations, while values identify what should be judged as good or bad. This is the reason why the value balance model is more practice-oriented than most of quality management systems like ISO and can be integrated very easily. It requires significantly less managerial and staff overhead to implement.

In some ways, it drives more directly to the delivery of desired customer values to those customers. F — 1st half vs. Price Margin Develop. Stability Qual. Perf Lab. Defects Prev.

Defects Ord. Partial Qty. Dates Requ. Dates Cycle time Resp. Time Docs Pack.

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Purch Comm. Perf Lab Tests Prod. Defects Dev, Know-How Tech. F became more interested in understanding costumer products, problems, implications of these problems and finding customer need payoffs than in their previous focus on company products and internal processes. The value-balance implementation has become an effective Quality Management System. Even with the economic difficulties, in , A. F performed much better than all the other competitors in their market. An example is shown in the following chart Fig.

F was rated in the 1st half of as their overall best performing trim supplier! The case study demonstrates in the 12 months since implementation, it is very important to make both internal assessments and evaluations of external changes such as changes in customer ownership, new customer purchase strategies and competitor behaviour changes. Faerber Failure to market to the correct customers, to maintain core corporate values, to achieve effective internal and external communication of value strategies, and to celebrate victories will translate into a lack of motivation, and as time goes by, the demoralization of the organization.

To conclude, everything depends on the attitude with which employee teams percieve, manage and manifest critical corporate values that balance with values required by company customers. Bibliography Berry LL Relationship marketing. American Marketing Association, Chicago, pp 25— Buchanan R, Gilles C Value managed relationship: the key to customer retention and profitability. Eur Manage J 8 4 : — Buss WC Global strategist: effective value selling is a corporate activity-cooperation is required.

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Mobility in a Globalised World 2013 - OPUS 4

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Portugal and Germany: Geert Hofstede's Five Cultural Dimensions

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Seyrers Führungsmatrix, die 1. psychologische prognostische Software für natürliche Daten 15.m4v

Each well researched project contributes to understanding more of the variance between and among theories but fails to provide a complete theory.