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The Blessing Seer

If you wish to change this choice and use our site, you may go back and choose YES instead. Tracie Peterson is an award-winning, best-selling author of over 95 books. Having given her heart to Jesus at the young age of six, Tracie has always felt called to some form of ministry, and writing fulfills that mission field. She's a much requested speaker and teaches writing workshops. Tracie enjoys spending time with family in her home in Montana.

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  • Staff of the Blessed Seer - Items - - Vanilla WoW DB.

The best way that i can say to get your hands on this staff is to get a high lvl friend to run you through BFD untill it drops, or buy it from the auction house with ur main. Comment by Thottbot in BFD its really hard to find it though Comment by Thottbot How much does this sell for? I got it but by that time it was much too far below my lvl and was wonderin what it sells mfor on the AH.

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He was looking for Tree Bark Jacket for his twink. Running me through too.

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My guildmate took screenies Ill post soon. Comment by Thottbot Sells for about 30g on AH. Comment by Thottbot This staff is worth more than 10g.. Comment by Thottbot Im alliance on lightninghoof and I've gotten this staff twice on the AH, once for 80silver which i use on my dwarf priest and regretted once she hit 37 cos it she wasnt a twink then again for 30g for my lvl 19 twink.

Comment by Allakhazam can i get this in horde turf?

The Blessing Seer : Pelican Book Group Christian Fiction, Illuminating fiction

Comment by Allakhazam Bah Ashenvale is Horde turf. Its contested and we want it we shall have it. Comment by Allakhazam i got this last night duo'ing bfd with a warrior lvl 47! Comment by Allakhazam just got this for my twink priest, payed 2 arcanite bars for it Truthfully no one will ever understand what these women and the lucky GoJ Men mean to me except the other GoJ family members. We have a bond that I cannot begin to explain. No one could ever replace them, nor would I ever want to try to. They are my first calls when life gets rough. They are my first calls when joyous occasions arise.

They are my prayer warriors, kindred spirits, and greatest blessings. We all grieve together even still over the loss of the store that brought us together, but we find out hope together through our Father who made us family.

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I know one thing for sure, no matter what life throws my way, my Gifts of Joy family is here to stay. Your email address will not be published. Name and email are required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.