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It stated this one one of the largest breeds of horses yet it was in a tiny enclosure with people crowding round it!! As soon as I saw it I said how upset it made me and another 3 ladies agreed with me and said the same. Hi Hannah, Thank you for your feedback. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your day with us. In regards to your concerns for the horse which you saw in the stable; we have a number of horses that rotate and come into the zoo stable for interaction with visitors, when not in the zoo stable they are turned out in the fields during the day.

For the welfare of the horses they are only in the zoo stable from 10am — 4pm. Keepers are always in the area monitoring the interaction and the horses have ample room to move out of contact with visitors if they wish. All of our horses are rescues from the World Horse Welfare who rehome horses with us who enjoy human interaction, at no point would we put our horses in any situation which they are not comfortable.

We hope that this response relieves your concerns and that we have the chance to welcome you to the zoo in the near future. Assuring you of our best intentions at all times. Many Thanks Colchester Zoo. Animals: Positives - lots of great animals a lot of which seemed to have quite large enclosures which is always good to see in a zoo Negatives - cheetah and crocodile closures were small and sad.

Also whilst the seal enclosure is a great way for the public to view them however, seems small for them to enjoy and the repetitive movements that they were constantly doing is never a good sign as it suggests they are bored and restricted. Facilities: Negatives - the layout was incredibly difficult and it seemed so enclosed and not open at all even London zoo is better. The one yellow line on the floor was just confusing and offered no help. Later on in the day when the food shops shut there was just rubbish everywhere with no one caring or attempting to clean up.

Needs more structure. Dear Matt Thank you for your feedback on your recent visit. We are very sorry to hear that you left having some concerns for our animals, thank you for bringing these to our attention. Please be reassured that animal health and welfare is of utmost importance to us and our main priority here at Colchester Zoo.

We have a large team of dedicated keepers who ensure that all the animals are cared for to a high standard.

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  • Colchester Zoo announce birth of three adorable Amur tigers.

We have 3 cheetahs who as well as having the public viewing area, also have a further two off-display enclosures and two heated indoors areas as part of their enclosure complex. The enclosure quality is not measured by space alone but by what the enclosure offers in terms of behavioural and environmental enrichment. With regards to our sealions, they have stimulating activities at different times of the day.

Astonished at the heartlessness of the... - Colchester Zoo

The Cuban crocodile area is a temporary enclosure as it is soon transferring to another collection however please be assured that although this is a temporary home it does cater to the crocodiles needs. All of our animal enclosures are designed with the animals behavioural and environmental needs in mind and how the animal care team can maximise the environment for the welfare of the animal.

Colchester Zoo Animal Adventure - Out & About with Jazzy K

You can read more about enclosure design and animal enrichment on our website. The yellow line is our easier route which we recommend that anyone with a pushchair, wheelchair or electric scooter uses. This has been developed to give the simplest route possible around the zoo and avoids the steepest hills. When following this route, a few enclosures are inaccessible or difficult to view however this is explained on the map. With regards to cleanliness of facilities, we do have a team of cleaners who circulate through the park continuously cleaning each area but we are very sorry if towards the end of day the facilities were not to the high standard which we strive to offer.

Wolves escape from Colchester Zoo

We will ensure that our cleaning team are addressed regarding this matter. Unfortunately the traffic upon exiting the zoo is beyond our control due to the delays on the Maldon Road, Essex Highways are currently working on improvements here to hopefully reduce the traffic. We can only apologise for the inconvenience caused on this occasion.

We do hope that our response has relieved any concerns which you left with after your visit and hope that we have the chance to welcome you back to Colchester Zoo again in the near future. I can thoroughly recommend the VIP experience the Zoo offers. We were treated to a very special day that all of us will remember forever.

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From arrival which started with breakfast to meeting the keepers and their animals which they spoke with passion about. Then lunch in a private room which was followed with more wonderful up close experiences with the animals then coffee before leaving and the souvenir bag for everyone. This is so worthwhile doing and knowing you are contributing to the fantastic work the Zoo does for conservation. I am writing to say thank you for the kind feedback.

The Story of Colchester Zoo by S.C. Kershaw

We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your visit to the zoo and in particular your VIP experience! We hope we get the chance to welcome you back again for another enjoyable visit Many Thanks Colchester Zoo. This site uses cookies to improve your experience, to enhance site security and to show you personalised advertising. Click here to learn more or control your settings. By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Colchester Zoo, over the border in Essex, have announced that their Amur tigers have successfully bred and the three healthy cubs were born on June The keepers had been preparing for the birth since successful matings between Taiga and Igor earlier in the year and had a specially-prepared den set up with bedding materials and a camera in place to view any activity. A few days before the cubs were born Taiga began showing nesting behaviours was restless and looking uncomfortable so keepers knew the birth was imminent.

On Friday morning there were three cubs in the den. The zoo say that it will take around two weeks for the cubs' eyes to open and at four weeks, the cubs will start moving around the den. For the time being they will remain off show and at six weeks, they will receive their first vaccinations and will be sexed and named - once that is done, you can expect to be able to see them on your next visit to Colchester Zoo. The zoo is also home to another female tiger called Anoushka, born at Linton Zoo in Cambridge in July By Richard Brown.

Walking Giants opened in the summer of and is split into two sections. Opened in Easter , Lost Madagascar is a walk-through enclosure that is home to troops of ring-tailed lemurs and red-bellied lemurs. The exhibit can only be accessed by taking a ride on the zoo's road train, known as the Lost Madagascar Express. Otter Creek was opened in August and houses a family of smooth-coated otters who are part of breeding programme around Europe, to help ensure there is a healthy population in captivity.

Wilds of Asia is a group of enclosures housing various different species from across Asia. Among the species on display in Wilds of Asia are pileated gibbons , red pandas , rhinoceros hornbill , binturongs , Burmese pythons and lion-tailed macaques. Kingdom of the Wild multi-species complex, which houses several different African species including reticulated giraffes , southern white rhinoceros , ostriches , zebras and greater kudu , while the indoor area features aardvarks , pygmy hippopotamus , patas monkeys and various species of African reptiles, invertebrates and fish, which include leopard tortoises.

There is also an aviary, 'Vulture Valley' which is home to white-backed vultures and Ruppell's griffin vultures. Elephant Kingdom is home to Colchester Zoo's herd of African elephants. It has a unique design which allows all the elephants maximum sight, sound and physical contact and has specially designed night stalls, a roped off "safe area" and spacious indoor bull elephant quarters.

Edge of Africa can be found within the far end of the zoo park, and houses cheetah, spotted hyena, mandrills, red river hogs, warthogs and other African species in large outdoor areas. The enclosure also features the largest straight underwater tunnel in Europe, holding , gallons of water and with glass that is 10 millimetres thick.

Orangutan Forest is home to one male orangutan. Named Tiga, a pure-bred Bornean orang-utan.

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  • Three wolves shot dead after being cornered by police when they escaped zoo through damaged fence!

It was the home of a hybrid of a Bornean and Sumatran orang-utan named Rajang who died at the age of 50 in having lived at the zoo since Colchester Zoo is one of the few zoos in the UK approved to keep Komodo dragons and currently houses a number of komodo dragons and previously had breeding success within the EEP breeding programme for this species. The enclosure is designed to mimic conditions in the wild, and includes a large pool with showers, as well as a glass roof that can be drawn back to allow in sunlight. Tiger Taiga is large complex area home to three Amur tigers , a male named Igor and two females called Taiga and Anoushka.

With multiple areas, pools and a high viewing platform for the tigers as well as a viewing tunnel that runs through the enclosure leads viewers into the Nature Area. The indoor area of Lion Rock features enclosures housing fennec foxes and Asia Minor spiny mice. This enclosure is home to a pair of sun bears , a male named Jo-Jo and a female named Srey-Ya.