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Cross is a profiler.

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It brought his name to the public's attention. His mother died of lung cancer when he was nine; his father, a heavy drinker, the year after. He was sent to D. Three brothers, two deceased; not raised by grandmother. His first wife, Maria, a social worker, was killed in a drive-by shooting that was never solved. He was left with their two children; Damon and Janelle. Alex Cross has another son, Alex Jr.

They never married. A killer elite--six assassins--are on the loose. So is Alex Cross.

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Then a sniper's bullet strikes a target in the heart of DC. Alex Cross's wife, Bree Stone, newly elevated chief…. With explosive charges and shocking evidence, Alex Cross is about to face the trial of the century in the 1 New York Times bestselling series. Alex Cross is on the wrong side of the law.

Charged with gunning down followers of his nemesis Gary Soneji in cold blood, he is being…. A threat from an anonymous caller sends D. An anonymous caller has promised to set off deadly bombs in Washington, DC. A cruel hoax or the real deal? By the time Alex Cross and…. Homicide Detective Alex Cross teams up with his wife to beat a D. Washington, DC, has never been more dangerous.

After shots pierce the tranquil nighttime calm of Rock Creek Park, a man is dead: what looks at first like road rage might be something…. Alex Cross watched a man die at the hands of an old enemy. Alex Cross, I'm coming for you-even from the grave if I have to. Along Came a Spider killer Gary Soneji has been dead for over ten years. For Alex Cross, the toughest cases hit close to home-and in this deadly thrill ride, he's trying to solve the most personal mystery of his life. When his cousin is accused of a heinous crime, Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in over three decades.

Detective Alex Cross is being stalked by a psychotic genius, forced to play the deadliest game of his career. Cross's family-his loving wife Bree, the wise and lively Nana Mama, and his precious children-have been ripped away.

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Terrified and desperate, Cross must give this mad man what he wants if…. The stakes are higher than ever for Alex Cross as he faces his most personal enemy yet: a criminal who threatens his family. Detective Alex Cross is a family man at heart: nothing matters more to him than his children, his grandmother, and his wife Bree. His love of his family….

If Alex Cross stops running, he will die. Detective Alex Cross arrests renowned plastic surgeon Elijah Creem for sleeping with teenage girls. Now, his life ruined, Creem is out of jail, and he's made sure that no one…. With relentless danger around every corner, Detective Alex Cross is hunting down a kidnapper.

The President's son and daughter are abducted, and Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene. But someone very high-up is using….

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Wedding bells ringDetective Alex Cross and Bree's wedding plans are put on hold when Alex is called to the scene of the perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington D. Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooked politicians, sparking…. When a beloved relative is murdered, Detective Alex Cross vows to hunt down the killer. Detective Alex Cross is pulled out of a family celebration and given the awful news that a beloved niece was brutally murdered. Unprotected and alone, Alex Cross is chasing a horrible new breed of killer.

When the crimes hit close to home, he must hunt down the source. When the home of Alex Cross's oldest friend, Ellie Cox, is turned into the worst murder scene…. Alex Cross faces two crazed killers in this chilling, suspenseful blockbuster from James Patterson, "the man who can't miss" Time. A spate of elaborate murders in Washington D.

Alex Cross faces the most cunning, psychotic killer of his career in the blockbuster James Patterson novel that inspired a major motion picture. Alex Cross was a rising star in the Washington, D. Police Department when an unknown shooter gunned down his wife in front of him.

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Alex's need for…. Someone is murdering Hollywood's A-list, and Alex Cross's family vacation is cut short as he navigates a mysterious world of luxury, gossip, and hidden secrets. No secret service in the world knows of him, and not even his employers know his name. As the execution comes closer, it appears that no one on earth can stop the Jackal from killing.

Reporter John Schuyler Moore and his friend Dr. Laszlo Kreisler, an alienist psychologist , set out to create a psychological profile of the murderer of a young boy who has been horribly mutilated. Danger surrounds them as they delve into a tortured past and a twisted mind of a murderer who will kill again before they find him. In , in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, the entire Clutter family was murdered by a shotgun held inches from their faces.

There was no apparent motive and few clues were found. Capote reconstructs the murder and the investigation that led to the capture, trial, and execution of the killers. He spins a tale of suspense overshadowed by astonishing empathy, with chilling insight into American violence. A killer is on the loose who feels that beauty is only skin deep. Clarice Starling, an FBI trainee investigator, is trying to save her own hide, and the only individual who can help her is locked up in an asylum. But Hannibal Lector is serving nine consecutive life sentences in a mental institution for a series of cannibalistic murders.

He is a true predator who works to catch Starling in his web. For almost a decade, the shooting haunted the upper echelons of Old South Savannah. Berendt weaves the story through suspenseful and entertaining narrative that reads more like a novel than a work of non-fiction.

Unpredictable twists, alliances, hostilities, and intrigue are rampant in a town where everyone knows everyone else. A financially destitute and desperate student wanders around the slums of St. Petersburg committing random murders without remorse or regret. A relentless police investigator pursues him, and soon his conscience weighs on him. Only a downtrodden prostitute can offer redemption. The trial becomes more than about guilt. The inspector goes deep to uncover what kind of man Richard was and who in fact killed the young princes in the tower.

Rusty Sabich is chief deputy prosecuting attorney in a large city and is charged with the murder of his fellow prosecuting attorney Carolyn. The case uncovers corruption, deceit, depravity, and incompetence.

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But who killed Carolyn? Teenager Susie Salmon is brutally murdered, and she follows her family and the case from heaven. Susie watches intensely and waits for her killer to be found and punished. The Girl on the Train , Paula Hawkins. Rachel rides the commuter train every morning and fantasizes about the lives of people in the houses they pass. She feels like she knows them and that their lives are perfect. When Rachel sees something shocking one morning, she finds an opportunity to wend her way into their world. All is not what she thought on the outside. Single mom Jane is younger than the other parents and has secret doubts about her son. The crux of their relationships is the dangerous little lies they tell themselves to survive.

Private investigator Jackson Brodie investigates three cases separated by 30 years.